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Cette section contient des actualités, événements et mise à jour portant sur les activités du projet et la plateforme de formation.

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15th of February 2016 – Liège (BE): Presentation of the project and distribution of brochures during the general assembly of CRIG (100 participants)

Posted by Julien Keutgen, 2016-02-23


The meeting of the CRIG general assembly gave us the opportunity to present the project objectives.

CRIG is the research centre of the grouped institutes of HELMo (Haute Ecole Libre Mosane), which aims to coordinate the projects of the different categories of the college: technical, paramedical, social, pedagogical and economic categories.

INFOREF is a member of the general assembly of CRIG and this meeting of the 15th of February gave us the opportunity to present the project objectives during a workshop. The brochure distribution was an opportunity to explain the project activities and to seek the involvement of teachers, researchers and students of higher education.