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Final version of the platform

During the piloting phase that ended in September 2017, the project partners gathered comments and evaluations from users who tested the training platform in all five languages. Based on this feedback, it appears the participants appreciated the useful and interesting content of the activities and highlighted the well-structured platform. Among other results, over three quarters of participants claim the training helped them progress in language acquisition, and nearly 90% feel better prepared and more confident for their job search. We find the participants' affirmation on the learning objectives in terms of vocational guidance and language acquisition/improvement particularly encouraging.

Nevertheless, feedback indicating improvement potential as well as statements about technical problems experienced by the participants have also been collected and taken into consideration for improvement work. Mistakes and technical problems have been corrected and a tutorial video will be added shortly in order to increase participant’s autonomy. The final version of the platform will be available before the end of the project in February 2018.

Training platform

The training platform is addressed to adults who wish to search employment in one of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and United Kingdom. The training material follow the CLIL methodology, addressing all those topics that are useful to train people for working in the partners’ countries while improving the national language.

It is structured with gradual difficulty, focusing on Language Levels B2 and C1 of CEFR with the assumption that all users have at least B1 language levels.

The contents is adapted to the 2 different levels, and each participant will attend the part of the course which is more appropriate for his/her level.

At each level, the platform offers 4 Learning Modules, with various training inputs (texts, videos, and audio files).

The 4 Modules focus on:
  • Job Search Skills
  • Job Applications
  • Interview Skills
  • Intercultural skills
The content is designed to be used online on any support (computer, tablet, and smartphone).

Target groups

The target users of the training platform are adults, both employed and unemployed, who have completed or are completing their education and are planning to look for a job abroad to start their professional life, to make new experiences or to find a better position.

News and Events

4th transnational Meeting (Senigallia, IT)

The fourth Transnational Meeting of VGCLIL took place on the 26th of September 2017. It was organised in Senigallia, Italy, by ASTERES. Partners discussed the results of the piloting phase, and the best ways to improve the training platform.

ICT for Language Learning – International Conference (Florence, IT)

On the 9th of November 2017 in Florence, ASTERES presented the VGCLIL project and platform in the tenth edition of the International Conference “ICT for Language Learning”. This event brought together experts from all over the world to share findings, expertise and experience on innovative language teaching and learning solutions.

Jornada de Vocational Guidance in CLIL (VGCLIL) (Murcia, ES)

On the 23rd of January 2018, Universidad de Murcia will organise its final multiplier event at Hemiciclo de la Facultad de Letras. The presentation of the project by UM will be followed by experts’ presentations on CLIL in professional contexts and professional profiles demanded in Europe. Other multiplier events are to be organised by the other four project partners in their respective country.

Final transnational meeting (Vienna, AT)

The five project partners will meet one last time on the 8th of February 2018 to finalise the platform and discuss its future. The meeting will be organised by BEST in Vienna.








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The objective of “Vocational Guidance in CLIL” is to promote the free and successful movement of workers in Europe through the use of a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) methodology. The partnership has developed a training platform in order to support, in terms of both vocational guidance and language training, all those people who want to have a job experience in another European country.

What is CLIL ?

CLIL is an approach for learning content through an additional language (foreign or second), thus teaching both the subject and the language. The benefits of CLIL may be seen in terms of cultural awareness, internationalisation, language competence, preparation for both study and working life and increased motivation.
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